The tear-drop island in the Indian Ocean is the closest neighbor of the Maldives and has a rich and diverse history between these two island nations. A fascinating combination between the two cultures brings a unique experience to the country and its people.

The past few centuries have seen old ‘Ceylon’ go through wars, changes in sovereignty, disease, famine and drought. But finally, it seems to be coming into its own.

Having gone through the horrendous Civil War, a stable period of growth in all sectors of the community has brought about a sense of calm and well-being, with the focus being firmly on the future.

Tourism is up and growing steadily, with new international hotel brands building new resorts, and it’s a stunningly beautiful island to discover!

An ethnically diverse and multicultural country, Sri Lanka has multiple religions and languages, living and working together.

As a developing nation, volunteering gets assistance directly to those that need it. A large private sector in education gives those who can afford it an exemplary hoist up the educational ladder, however, the vast majority of families are not able afford this luxury for their children, particularly in the rural villages – so teaching in Sri Lanka really helps these kids, and participants get a real sense of Sri Lankan community.

A huge draw to Sri Lanka is the incredible wildlife. From jungles and rainforests, mountains and vast grassy plains – the animals are as diverse as the people!

Great strides are being taken to protect endangered species, and working on ways humans and animals can live together harmoniously on an island where territory for both is sparse.

We’re therefore delighted to be able to offer opportunities to work with the giant sea turtles which return year after year to the windswept beautiful beaches on the Southern side of Sri Lanka, and also, up in central Sri Lanka, a unique opportunity to work with a local NGO with the wild Asian Elephant as well as other animals, within a fascinating program.

A Cultural Immersion program offers a little bit of everything – perfect for students and travelers on a shorter time scale who’d like to fit as much in as possible!


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