Whale Watching in Sri Lanka


The secret’s out – but thankfully not yet on a massive commercial scale! ...We went, we saw! … 16 ! ‘We’, being myself, and my son, Ruben – who is the most delightful of traveling companion, and a good cover for the many childish traits I still have. There’s no better education than introducing little people to the wonders of this world, and a chance to see Sperm Whales and Blue Whales in the Indian Ocean is no exception!

06:00 hours, wide-awake and raring to go, our pre-arranged ‘tuk-tuk’ arrived at our hotel to take us a couple of miles along the coast from the tranquil Weligama Bay over to Mirissa Bay. Once settled as comfortably as we could be on a small speedboat, (difficult to do with a bulky but very sensible lifejacket), with the flutter of excited butterflies in our tums, off we sped in our little boat, out towards the bluest curved horizon of the Indian Ocean.

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Maldives Cultural Immersion Programs


Our Maldives Cultural Immersion programs, run in conjunction with Volunteer Maldives have been very well received over the last couple of years, by both groups of international students and couples.

The overwhelming reason to participate in these all-inclusive programs is to get a close up and personal experience of the ‘real’ Maldives.


The mainstream tourist market has been on everyone’s ‘dream’ list for over 2 decades now and remains one of the most popular destinations for Honeymooners – and you can see exactly why. Decadent, spacious villas, perhaps with their own private plunge pool overlooking the Indian Ocean, sumptuous cuisine, indulgent spa’s treatments to get you glowing on the inside to match your bronzed tan on the outside, powder white beaches to laze and dream – and not just for honeymooners of course – families are also very well catered for in the Maldives these days! However, not everyone is about to embark on married life, and not everyone has the budget or desire to spend their life’s savings on a large, often impersonal resort where they learn so little of the amazing and fascinating country that the island of the Maldives actually is.

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